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Inodorina Magique 2,5kg
Talc Perfume

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Inodorina Magique 2,5kg

Talc Perfume

Inodorina sanitary litters based on silica gel are: antibacterical, allergen free, natural and odour free. The litter consist of a single component, silicon sand, which thanks to the natural microporosity of the granules, instantly absorbs all liquids it comes into contact with, trapping urine and bad odours and preventing the proliferation of bacteria in the sorrounding environment.


  • Super Absorbent, the silicon sand grains absorb a volume of liquid equivalent to three times their own weight.
  • Economical and long lasting, a pack is sufficient for one month of use by a cat of average weight.
  • Practical and light, the pack is pratical and easy to transport.

How to use:

Fill the litter box with a layer of product 5-cm deep at least. At least once a day, when you remove faeces, mix the litter using a suitable scoop. The product will be 100% efficient and last longer. Do not worry if the grains change colour since their absorption capacity is not affected. Replace product only when it is fully saturated and starts smelling bad. Silicon sand is an inert material so it must not be dumped in a flush toilet but disposed of as household waste.

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