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Clean Revolution Kit
Fur Catcher

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composit clean rev kit

Clean Revolution Kit

Fur Catcher

The Inodorina Clean Revolution system is designed to remove fur, hair, dirt and dust from any type of floor. It is particularly suitable for apartments in which children or allergic people to animal fur live.


  • The Inodorina Clean Revolution frame adapts to any universal handle
  • Practical and light to maneuver thanks to the 360° articulated head
  • The adhesive surface of the rag, combined with the honeycomb texture, guarantees total collection
  • The rag (size 42X12cm) is larger than the products on the market and can be adapted to other universal brooms
  • Higher percentage of collected dirt thanks to the larger surface of the cloth
  • Works on all dry surfaces, leaves no residue
  • Competitive price.

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