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Welcoming a four legged friend into your home is a wonderful experience, but it is important to take certain measures in order to maintain high standards of hygiene inside your home, and keep your pet clean to avoid unpleasant odours. Inodorina is a high quality product line, specifically designed to clean, sanitize, and eliminate bad smells in the home environment, created with the daily wellbeing of cats and dogs in mind.

Inodorina products are based on fragrances and essential oils that are delicate enough to respect the sensitive sense of smell and skins of pets.

The Story

Inodorina is the result of a story of love for animals. I would like to tell it to you.

In 1983 I adopted a pair of very affectionate boxers who lit up my life and greeted me with adoration every time I returned home. The joy they gave me was enormous.
At the time I lived in a nice country house that I had decorated myself with great care and attention, and I tried to keep it clean and tidy every day despite my two lively dogs.
Sometimes it is difficult to reconcile hygiene, tidiness, and a love for animals: paw prints to wipe off the floor and windows, food bowls to wash, carpets and sofas (my boxers' favourite places, despite them being forbidden) to vacuum and disinfect…
On rainy days it was an even more demanding task: the two dogs would get wet and it was necessary to dry them to avoid soaking the house and their baskets and beds with unpleasant smells. I was too fond of my dogs to keep them outside because I would have missed so much of the affection and cheer they created living together with me and my family, but at the same time I tried to find a solution to make our cohabitation more liveable, orderly, clean, tidy and perfumed.

Pensai I thought that with enough patience and dedication a good idea would surely come to mind and solve my problem. And so it turned out!

At the time I was working as an agent for a multinational fragrance company. I sold products to other companies that manufactured detergents, softeners, and products for personal hygiene. One of my customers, who makes a well known personal deodorant, constantly asked me for new perfumes to blend together, always trying out new scents, and this gave me my idea: why not also use these fragrances for my home, mixed into daily cleaning products, to perfume the house and make it more pleasant? I realized that in order to keep your animals close to you, it was sufficient to change your concept of the cleanliness of the animals and the home you shared.

And so this led to the creation of Inodorina in 2006, the solution for living comfortably and hygienically with our adorable four legged friends!

Isabella Ricci

(CEO Pet Village)